A brief look back at what has happened in recent years:
2020 – On your travel through the wild Estonian prairie you reach Põltsamaa. After a night of heavy drinking, you have to escape from angry townspeople who want to take revenge for the damage caused during the night. You meet 1994 beauty queen of Järvamaa, and immediately you develop warm feelings towards her
2021 – You will find out that the 1994 beauty queen of Järvamaa has moved away from Põltsamaa. You look for her around Estonia and arrive to Põlva. There, however, you accidentally stumble upon a meeting of the local Passat mafia and have to run away from them
2022 – You have unfortunately died, but wake up again, having been reincarnated as famous Estonian sculptor Amandus Adamson. And you are in 1970’s Paldiski. 1994 beauty queen of Järvamaa also went through the same journey from death to reincarnation, she became Lydia Koidula. You escape from Paldisk from the Soviet army
And that brings us to the present day.
Spring morning. It’s cold. You raise your head from the soft moss pillow, spit dirt from your mouth and look around with sleepy eyes. You remember Paldiski, the strange transformation into Amandus Adamson and the subsequent escape. After collecting yourself, clearing your thoughts and looking at yourself in the reflection of the river next to you, you realize that all this did not really happen. It was all a long hallucination, probably caused by eating spoiled raccoon meat. You promise yourself that in the future you will be more careful about the storage conditions and shelf life of raccoon meat, and you set your sights on the nearest bus stop.
Fast forward a year. In the meantime, you have met again the 1994 beauty queen of Järvamaa and have moved together to her childhood home in Paide. Life is going well in general, but slowly it seems that the more time goes on, the bleaker your woman will become. You often catch her looking into the distance and sighing sadly with a tear in the corner of her eye. One day, finally she breaks down and tells her worries. After the unforgettable year of 1994 and the life-changing events when she was chosen as beauty queen Järvamaa, everything had been fine in the beginning. Beauty queen status was accompanied by honor and fame. While walking in Paide, everyone who she met, greeted with smile. Even the stray dogs didn’t bark, they just looked appreciatively. But then one evening the phone rang. Unsuspecting, the girl picked up the phone. On the other side was the beauty pageant promotor Valeri Kirss, who announced that tomorrow he will travel to Paide and take back the tiara she received at the pageant. Next pageants are coming up, and “Tiaras don’t grow on trees!” But she was not going to give it back! No! In the darkness of the evening she went and buried the tiara.
In order not to feel sad, you promise to go help and dig up the tiara again. That same night you go and start digging. Unfortunately, it has been a long time since it was buried and who still remembers exactly where it was buried. During the excavations, you dig up all the surroundings, until suddenly you accidentally find yourself digging up the remains of four Estonian kings who were treacherously murdered and buried there during the 1343 Jüriöö uprising. And with it all four ghosts. One of the four ghosts is not at all thrilled with the awakening, mutters something disdainfully and goes right back to sleep. The two of them head straight to gas station to buy a burger. Centuries of being buried have caused severe hunger. The fourth ghost, who is understandably in a bad mood after the treacherous killing and also has rather poor eyesight, decides that you are definitely the knights of the order who killed him, and he must definitely take revenge for the treacherous murder. And runs towards you waving a sword and screaming at the top of his voice. And if a ghost approaches you waving a sword, then all you have to do is escape.
On Saturday 29.04.2023 at 12:00 the start is from Paide Vallimägi. Task is to get as far as possible from there in 24 hours.
Absolutely in any direction you want
There is one limitation. Main roads are a dangerous place for escaping. You may only use the main highways between cities for a maximum length of 1 km, and only once per every highway. Crossing the road (both above and below) also counts as use. Using light traffic roads and collection roads running next to it are also considered as using it. It should be noted that the main roads do not end at the city limits, but also continue inside the settlements and are prohibited there as well.
If you move next to the main road in nature where there is no road, you must stay at least 500 meters away from the road. If you use the road next to the main highway, it is allowed only if it is a separate road that is not part of the main highway. This road can be closer than 500 meters. When planning the escape and you are using roads, for what you have doubts, you should consult with the organizer before the race.
The list of main Estonian highways can be found HERE:
Map of main roads of Estonia! 
The main roads of Latvia and/or Finland cannot be used either. List of main roads in LATVIA and FINLAND!
No! All forward movement must be done on foot and no aids to promote forward movement may not be used.
Congratulations, you have successfully escaped!
All escapees get a GPS tracker for tracking their movements. Your result will be the straight line between starting point and the location, where you are on Sunday, April 30 at 12:00 is taken into account for calculating your final result
If the resulting distance is the same for two or more participants, the time taken to get there is counted.
Organizers monitor everyone’s movements to ensure safety and will contact you if you have stopped for a longer period of time. If you plan to stop longer than 30 minutes (for example, to sleep in a personal assistant’s car or somewhere under a bush), notify the organizer, then we know, that everything is ok with you and don’t bother your sleep. If you also use the phone for navigation, you should definitely have a battery bank with you
Then you can sit down and cry. No one is coming to save you! If you call mommy and daddy, maybe they feel sorry for you and come to help.
If the situation is critical, you have to call the Rescue Center (112) , because the organizer does not have any ability to rescue anyone across Estonia.
When the crying is over, you must send an SMS to the organizer with your name and the time of finishing. The phone number can be found on the back side of the bib. The place of your finishing will be the basis of your final result.
No! There will not be anything offered! You have to carry everything you need with you. You can also buy stuff from shops or gas stations or use personal assistant to bring you food/drink
If someone is kind enough to spend their spring weekend helping you, then go for it. But you can’t move forward using the assistant car!
If the weather happens to be bad and you are not a very experienced escapee, it would even be advisable to have a assistant who can provide you with warm/dry clothes or shelter in his car.
As a separate class, there is an competition for escape with bicycle. The following exceptions to the general guidelines apply in the bicycle class:
It is allowed to use any non-motorized type of bicycle to move forward.
The control time is 12 hours. The escape in bicycle ends 29.04 at 24:00
All other parts in the guide, including the ban on using main roads and the mandatory equipment to take with you, also apply when escaping with bicycle.
A headlamp (bike front lamp for cyclists) that must be switched on in the dark time
Red flashing light backside of your body in a visible place (flashing rear light on the bike) It must work from the start.
Spare batteries for the headlight (or front light of bicycle)
Mobile phone, switched on
Reflective vest
GPS tracker provided by the organizer, which must be attached to the arm with a strap or on top of things in the bag (attached to the wall of the bag with a safety pin).
The three best men, women and cyclists will be awarded. Prizes will be mailed to everyone after the competition ends.
The GPS tracker must be returned on Monday, 01.05 in two ways:
1. Send to a Tallinn Järve Keskus parcel machine (DPD, Smartpost, Omniva) Phone number used for sending: +372 56 66 99 77
2. To pass from hand to hand. Sportrec, Aate 3, Tallinn. This should be agreed in advance either via or by calling +37256669977 +37255583025
The escapee is responsible for the GPS tracker given to him and if something happens to it, he is obliged to pay the cost of €150.
If the fugitive does not post the GPS tracker on 01.05, a fine of €10 will be applied for each day of delay.


Registration is possible from 01.02.2023.
1.02. – 1604.2023 – 42.- €
17.04. – 26.04.2023 – 54.- €
Later registration is not possible.

Participants have to be reached the age of 18 at the day of start to be allowed participate.

When registering, we will ask you for the name and telephone number of the emergency contact. An emergency contact is a person who is responsible for your safety during the escape. He/she needs to know in detail about your planned journey. If you have been idle during the escape for more than 30 minutes and have not notified us, the organizer will first try to contact you by phone. If this is not possible, the emergency contact will be contacted and from that moment he/she will be responsible for contacting you. If necessary, he/she must be able to go for looking for you. The emergency contact must be immediately available by telephone throughout the escape.

Registration takes place on NB! If you want an invoice to pay for registration, please notify us by e-mail to before filling in the form, adding information about the recipient of the invoice (company details in case of a legal entity)! The organizer will not issue an invoice retroactively (after paying the participation fee)!

P.S. By registering, the escapee confirms that he or she is a healthy person who is physically able to escape for a long time and has understood that the organizer does not take any responsibility for anything that may happen to you during the escape.

Olle Rõuk,, +372 514 8553
Ivar Tupp,, +372 511 4179

International Trailrunning Association