7 June, 2017

This summer Rõuge Trail Run, earlier known as Rõuge Marathon, comes with a new track of 42,2km, what means that the shortest possible distance is the length of a classical marathon and the second and longest distance is 2 marathons or 84,4km!

Ultrarunners will start at 8pm, marathon starts at mid-day! As the finish will be closed at 8pm, there’s plenty of time for completing the marathon inside 8 hours, so it’s possible to run, walk, hike, crawl or just enjoy the wonderful nature of Rõuge – the land of seven lakes.

The track consists of 70% singel-tracks, 29,5% of smaller gravel and forest roads and also 5×6 meters of tarmac road, it means you have to cross the bigger paved road only for 5 times. Rõuge Trail Run also differs from big city marathons  by some other peculiarities – the long track has only 4 official feeding stations and you cannot have a drink in this stations without your own cup or bottle! In addition to these 4 stations there are some other “self-service” water-stations and also some clear water in the springs or smaller rivers near by the track.

Come and enjoy the wonders of South Estonia – the hills, valleys, lakes, forests and warm people!

See U in Rõuge!

Ivar Tupp
+372 511 4179

International Trailrunning Association