NB! According to the prescription of the Estonian Environment Board the participation is limited to 60 participants!

Rõuge Trail Marathon is a “from point to point” run by a very different and interesting landscape – hills, valleys, swamps and narrow single-tracks. There are 2 possible tracks to attend – 42+km competition and a 21+km hike. Longer distance runs through hard terrain – deep valleys, narrow tracks, swamps. In addition to all this the track crosses three times over the country border. Shorter distance is less hilly and doesn’t cross the borders, but it will be still quite interesting track for hiking.

The race center is situated in Rõuge Ööbikuoru Center, the finish line is on the top of Pesapuu tower. The start-place of the 42+km distance is on the territory of Latvia near Korneti, (GPS 57°35’20.6″N 26°53’28.8″E).
The start-place of 21+km hike is situated near Luhasoo swamp track (GPS 57.640904, 26.885703).
Longer distance has 5 service-points (SP), shorter distance has 3 SP-s.
Preliminary track maps, final maps will be available by the end of June:
Track map (pdf)  Track map (jpg)  Track profile

Rõuge Trail Marathon takes part on July, 13th 2019, 42+km start will be given at 9am. The control time is 9 hours.
21+km hike starts at 10:15am, control time is 7,5 hours.

There are two possibilities to get from the race center (finish) to the start – organized transport or own transport. Organized transport from finish to the start is free of charge, organizers will not support any transport from finish to start after the race. Organizers will support the transport of the participants stuff (one marked bag per participant) from start to the finish.

Entry opens on 15th of January through following options:
– by our homepage www.trailrun.ee
– by e.mail info[ät]haanjamatkad.ee
– enrty fees are:
– early bird price until 28/2/2019 – 42+km 30€, 21+km 25€
– normal price until 10/6/2019 – 42+km 36€, 21+km 30€
– last but not least price until 10/7/2019 – 42+km 42€, 21+km 36€
– entry fee includes: marked track, time-keeping, service points on the track and feeding in the finish, diploma, medal, awards for 3 best men and women on the longer distance, also lots of wild nature and picturesque views.

– everyone will participate in the race at their own risk and responsibility, every particiapant should know, that the track goes through wild areas with no settlements nor transport possibilities. Abandoning the race is possible only in the Service Points.
– participant should carry on obligatory equipment –  a fully loaded mobile phone with the contact of chief organizer, some nutrition, drinking bottle or bag, in cooler weather some special warmer clothes
– under 18 years old (born later than 13/7/2001) can take part only with the grown-up accompanist, the entry fee for yhe under 18 years old is 50% from the actual entry fee
– it is allowed to use ski- or nordic walking poles
– there are no drinking-cups in the service points, participant must carry its own cup to get drink from the SP

NB! KEEP THE NATURE CLEAN! Please do not throw trash (used packages, bottles) into the nature. You can put them into the trash-can in every SP.

SK Haanja Rattamaratonid MTÜ, e-mail: info@haanjamatkad.ee, phone: +372 511 4179 (Mr. Ivar Tupp, speaking English, Finnish, Russian).

International Trailrunning Association