• Why:
    As there is Haanja100 MTB and Haanja100 Ski, there has to be Haanja100 footrace too!
  • When and where:
    Saturday, October 21st 2023. The race center is situated at the Haanja Ski Center!
  • How much:
    There are two distances – Ultra (100km) and Marathon (42,195m). Every participant has to make the choice of the distance on the registration to the race. It’s not possible to change the chosen distance during the race.
    – full ultra-distance is 100km and it consists of 15 laps of 6,67km each. In order to get the result on the ultra-distance, participant has to cover at least 7 laps (46,67km). The winner of the ultra-distance is the fastest coverer of 100km or as many laps as possible. Start for the ultrarace is at 7am!
    – marathon consists of a 2,2km extra loop at the beginning and six 6,67km main laps. Start for the marathon is at 7:10am.
    Control-time of the ultra-distance is 15h, the deadline for starting the 14th lap is 9pm, finish will be closed at 10pm.
    Every 6,67km lap has 2 feeding-stations – on the 3,7 kilometer of the lap and in the race centre at the end of each lap.
    Vertical ascent is about 125m for one lap!
  • Who and how:
    Ultra-distance has 2 competition classes – men and women.
    Marathon-distance is not an official race and competition is not held.
    Both distances (ultra and marathon) are open for anyone who was born on 21st of October 2005 or earlier and are fit enough to finish the race.
    On the ultra distance it’s allowed to use skiing- or nordic-walking poles, all other means are not allowed.
    Until dawn (7:59am) and after tusk (from 5:54pm) it will be dark and using of headlamps or other lihgtning devices is obligatory before the dawn and after the dusk!!!
  • Registration and entry fee:
    The registration begins on 21st of August 2023 via following channels:
    – via website www.trailrun.ee
    – via e-mail info@haanjamatkad.ee
    NB! Participants who like to receive an invoice should inform the organizer before paying entry fee.
    Entry fees for the ultradistance are:
    Early bird price until 30.09.2023 – 60€
    Normal price until 11.10.2023 – 72€
    Last minute price until 18.10.2023 –84€
    Entry fee of the ultra-distance includes: marked route, bib number with participants name, electronic time-keeping, feeding-stations, after-race meal, after-race relaxation in sauna, diploma, awarding and 100km finishers medal.
    Entry fees for the marathon distance are:
    Early bird price until 30.09.2023 – 36€
    Normal price until 11.10.2023 –  42€
    Last minute price until 18.10.2023 – 48€
    Entry fee of the marathon-distance includes: marked route, bib number with participants name, electronic time-keeping, feeding-stations, after-race meal, after-race relaxation in sauna, diploma and 42,2km finishers medal.
  • Awarding:
    Awarding of the ultra-distance takes place as soon as 3 best in every competition class have finished.
    Three best of both competition classes will be awarded.
    Marathon is not an official race.
  • Special rules:
    – everyone will participate in the race at their own responsibility,
    – it is possible to change clothes and footwear during the race only in the transition area,
    – in feeding stations will be offered hot and cold isotonic drink, fresh water, RC Cola, salt, bread, salted cucumber (pickles), banana, raisins, buns and cookies
    – with registration every participant declares, that he/she has read these rules and he/she is ready to follow them.
    NB! KEEP THE NATURE CLEAN! Please don’t throw trash (used packages, bottles) into the nature. You can put them into the trash-can in every feeding station.
  • Organizer and info:
    SK Haanja Rattamaratonid MTÜ, e-mail: info[ät]haanjamatkad.ee, phone: +372 511 4179 (Mr. Ivar Tupp, speaking English, Finnish, Russian).
International Trailrunning Association