11 October, 2017

The first entry round of the 8th Haanja Ultra100 brought alltogether 96 runners, from these 83 are going to the ultra race and 13 are attending “sprint” of 42,2km aka classical marathon!

Track of the race will be almost the same as last year, the lenght of the lap is 6,66km – full distance 100km is 15 laps! The cut-off time is 15h, or one hour per lap. Minimum distance for ultra result is 7 laps! Marathon will consist of 2,195 extra lap in the beginning and 6 main laps of 6,66km!

There are two service points on the lap, full of various food and drinks. After finishing sauna and meal are wwiting for you!

Train hard and see U in Haanja!

International Trailrunning Association