14 January, 2019

New year has come with a wonderful snow, as we predicted in the fall and mainly that’s why we did not plan any marathons or runs for the winter-period. Despite the long pause we are ready to offer you something new in the summer and go on with the old’n’gold in the next fall. These are the events, organized by trailrun.ee for this year:

13th of July
we would like to call you to the Rõuge Trail Marathon, which will change its format again this year and will be from point to point run by a very different and interesting landscape – hills, valleys, swamps and narrow single-tracks. The track starts from Latvia, crosses Estoanian-Latvian border for three times and finishes in Rõuge.

On the 16th of August all the friends of ultrarunning and heavy music are invited to Keila (20km from Tallinn) for the presentation of “Backyard Ultra” in Estonian sauce! Heavy Metal Ultra rolls at the 6,66km lap, every participant has to finish this lap as many times as possible before the new subsequent hour. The winner will be “the last man or woman standing”.

On the 26th of October Haanja Ski Center is hosting the jubilee 10th edition of Haanja Ultra100. Maybe we prepare a new track for the jubilee race, maybe discover some older ones – who knows? Further information about that race will be available in the summer, entry to the race opens on the 1st of August.

And on the 23rd of November we will run for charity, as the 18th Charity Pääsküla marathon takes part near Pääsküla Bog in Tallinn.


International Trailrunning Association